How it All Started...

In 1992, Hope Community Church was only a plan. God had called Pastor Paul Manwiller and two other families to start a new church in the Detroit area.

At the time Pastor Paul and his wife were living in Alaska, where Paul was a pastor at a church in Dillingham. The other two families, the Boyers and the Hoppes, were also living far away from the Detroit area. Anyone would have thought the idea of planting a new church here would be impossible. But when God calls you to do something it will always work.

The Manwillers moved back to Michigan, and along with the Boyers and the Hoppes, who also had returned, met together for prayer and planning. Bit by bit a new church was taking shape. The planning paid off, and on April 11, 1993 Hope Church was born.

Since that day in 1993 our church has grown physically and spiritually. Though we are still young and small there is much to tell. People receiving Christ and growing in the Lord. New marriages and families. Divine Guidance. Miracles. To read the full story of Hope Church click here to read Hope Church's book.

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